KHALED Abdel Jabbar

Khaled Abdel Jabbar is an award winning Director, Producer and Director of Photography with 20 years of experience in a broad range of video productions, including commercials, corporate promotional films, and events production. 
He is the founder of Future Vision Productions in Canada and Jordan. Khaled is a creative storyteller and media content creator, with skills and up to date knowledge of the most advanced technologies in the industry. 
With two Bachelor degrees in Cinematography and Radio & TV from Southern Illinois University - USA, he combines real life experience and academia in every aspect of his productions.
Khaled has extensive international production experience in many countries around the world. He is well exposed to different cultures and societies which is effectively reflected in his work. 
Khaled's professional integrity, dynamic character, and dedication to quality makes him a unique blend of talents and know-how that adds value to the  industry.
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