natural born STORY TELLERS

Established in 2014, Future Vision Productions-Ottawa (FVP) was founded to revolutionize Ottawa's video production by creating new breathtaking ideas and eye-catching visual content. FVP brings to the Canadian market 20 years of International experience as it is an expansion to Future Vision Productions-Jordan established in 1997.
With a rich track record, we enjoy all aspects of this dynamic business. Our mission and passion is to create visual content that inspires the viewer. Each project we complete sets the bar a little higher for the next.
Future Vision’s commitment has always been to provide the highest quality possible utilizing our top-notch creative team and state-of-the-art equipment. We combine these elements to provide complete creative and technical production services.
Diversity, wealth of thought and creativity made FVP a pioneer in producing Corporate Promotional Films, Video Commercials, Public Service Announcements, Events Production,TV Shows, 3D Animation, and Motion Graphics.
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